rinRAReRTWhat are My Passions? When you are asked about your passions, what is being asked and why? These are the “Good” Passions A passion is a strong desire or drive. It can be good or evil.   Evil passions include lust, covetousness, and any type of evil desire.   However, there are good passions.   For example, some folks have a passion for mission work, orphaned children, the terminally ill, those in grief, the poor, the illiterate or those who are incarcerated.   What are your passions? These are Personal Burdens When you feel a ‘burden’ for a person or a group of persons, this is your passion.   Above I illustrated some of these.   Do you feel ‘burdened’ (called to do something) for certain people in need?   This is something that touches your heart emotionally and you feel a call to help any way you can. This is your passion. These are Things that Possess You A passion is something that possesses you: it’s on your mind constantly. You are constantly thinking of ways of meeting the need, asking for funds, telling others about it, looking for volunteers to join you and it’s being creative in assisting those with a particular need. These are Things that You Would Die For A passion is something that you would sacrifice your last penny for. It is something that you would be willing to put yourself in harm’s way for. You are willing to give limitless time for it and are willing to do it for free.   This is not necessarily something you “like” to do; it is something you must do. Why? When you know what your passions are, you are close to being ready for ministry related to that passion.   However, I would encourage you to look at your spiritual gifts to see how they would complement your passions. Trav