The idea of church involvement is found within the 12th chapters of both 1 Corinthians and the Book of Romans.    Paul says in both passages that we are members of one another.    Specifically he mentions spiritual gifts in each text and tells us that these gifts are to be used for the good of the church.

In many congregations today church membership includes little more than a member showing up for church services every-once-a-while and contributing money to the church’s treasury.   While both of these are important, the Lord expects His children to contribute more than their physical presence and a few dollars every week.   He expects us to bear fruit (John 15:8) and He expects us to use our  gifts in service in the church and in the community.   This is why I feel strongly that 100% of the church ought to be involved in ministry/service in the local church.   Ministry or serving is a sign of spiritual maturity and a life focused on the full will of the Lord.

I believe there are 9 spiritual (non-miraculous: Romans 12) gifts in operation today— that when paired with members’ passions, personalities, life skills and life experiences, great things happen:   the church grows in number and in spirit.

My goal is to assist churches (and her members) discover these gifts (and the other things listed above) and coach (or train coaches) members on how to develop and use these gifts for the good of the church and community in which the church finds itself.   Also, in this process, the Christian bears fruit (which is a mark of true discipleship and brings glory to the Lord), souls are strengthened and souls are saved.   All of this is by His design.   Individual members discover God’s specific purpose for his/her life and the local church may be able to discover God’s specific purpose in their locale.

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Travis Irwin

Athens, TN