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Articles I Recommend

articles3This week, I recommend the following 4 articles:

The first article is one that came out recently in the “Christian Chronicle” that addresses the way we value leaders and people in general in our culture and its adverse affects.   This article is written by Jonathan Holmes and it can be found at the following link:

Thumma and Bird are best known for their book The Other 80 Percent. This is a link is to their website that offers up-to-date relevant articles for churches that really take membership involvement seriously.

There is a correlation between a child remaining in the church as an adult and his/her involvement in ministry as a church.   Church leaders must value children and focus on the many ways a child can serve.

Most churches are always looking for ways to get more members involved in the ministries of the local church.   I came across this article this week that list some ‘out of the box’ suggestions that I really like—I think you will, too:

One more from Rick Warren on “Why Your Volunteers Quit”

Guest Article: E.R. Brannan

ERBrannanTravis in my service as Involvement Minister at Madison I broke my ministry into four areas;

MEND- Almost every new member needs mending if only the newness of being in a new fellowship.

BLEND- Many studies show that one who has not found at least family to whom he can relate within three months will be gone in a year.

SEND- The new member must be given some responsibility related to his skills and interest to feel that this is “my family.” 

TEND- AS the elders permit the Involvement Minister can be of great help in helping them shepherd the flock.

God bless,


Comment:   ER Brannen is one of the most respected men in the brotherhood and has years of experience in the ministry—and it shows.   I appreciate what he is saying here and it has already assisted me in my ministry in Athens.   Thank you, ER.   tdi

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