Over a church ministry career that spans more than 48 years, Travis Irwin served five congregations, including 22 years at the Steele Avenue Church of Christ in Ashland, Ohio. In 2008, Travis joined the Athens (Tennessee) Church of Christ ministry team to lead congregational involvement. Under Travis’s leadership, there was 100% involvement among the membership in 40 ministries.

Travis’s wife, Debbie, is a seasoned pro at Bible class curricula development and teaching methods. She also excels at church library programs. Together, they have delivered training and workshops at dozens of churches all over the United States and in several nations.

Travis states his purpose in life is to assist believers in Jesus Christ in:

  1. Discovering, defining, developing, and deploying their spiritual gifts
  2. Discovering their “people” passions (those they serve) and “things” passions (how they serve)
  3. Understanding their personality type and bringing it under the control of the Holy Spirit
  4. How to use their life experiences and life skills to glorify God, bless others, fulfill their God-given specific purpose in life.

Travis is now retired and available for workshops (usually two days) retreats (usually one day) and residencies (up to 13 weeks residing in the town of a church).   He can be contacted at 423 920 3060 or involvementcoach@att.net