churchbuildingA Simple Church


Why does ‘church’ have to be so complicated?   It doesn’t.   We’ve made it complicated.   Simple churches grow spiritually and numerically simply when:

Strong members make strong families which then make strong churches.   If each and every member of the church spent his or her time and energies growing to be a strong individual, we’d have a strong(er) church.   This simply means that every individual member needs to take personal responsibility for him/herself.   Too much time, effort and money are spent chasing after members and trying to assist (or beg) them in growing up in Christ.   What if each member did what he or she should do?   Most of our time, money and effort in the church is spent trying to get people to do what they should be doing on their own. It’s kind of nuts, isn’t it?

Every individual member takes part in the work and worship of the local church. Wow, now there’s a wild concept.   What if every individual member took it upon him/herself to come to worship no matter what?   What if each member took the time and effort to discover, develop and deploy his/her spiritual gifts, passions and life experiences in ministry without having to be chased down and begged to do so?   What if every member was friendly and contributed to an atmosphere of love and care in the church? It’s rather simple, yet we make it complicated by allowing the world to dictate our lives and thinking.   It’s all about God, folks!

Simple churches will grow when members build relationships with lost folks.   We’ve made soul-winning ridiculously complicated.   Soul-winning is a relationship and a conversation spurred by sincere love. If we really love people (and we will if we are mature Christians), we will naturally automatically reach out to folks.   It usually requires a bit of time to build a relationship.   When such folks become Christians we will continue to befriend them until they mature and become a working part of the local church and the cycle repeats itself.   Radically simple.

Why do we make everything so complicated?   Simply put:   we shift our personal responsibility over to someone else (usually the elders, deacons, Bible class teachers, other members, paid staff, etc.).   Many of us have gotten lazy and/or other brethren have enabled us to do so.

Wanna see your church explode with spiritual and numerical growth?   Take up your own cross of personal responsibility and intentionally grow as an individual and intentionally contribute something to the local church that will cause her to grow.   Simple.   Let’s ALL do it.   Trav


Objection:   not everyone is going to do this.   Agreed. However, we must create a culture of personal responsibility within the church that is intentional and noticed and stop playing the games that we play.   Assist people, lead people, train people, mentor folks and don’t do for folks what they need to be doing themselves.   A large majority of this church is contributing heavily to her growth. This article is for the rest who are not shouldering their responsibilities as Christians.