WAITING FOR THE PHONE CALL from Hospice of Rutherford County.   They will do an interview with us soon and take over my care.  Dr. Murphy said we can still contact our Vanderbilt team but for the most part Hospice do much of the same as my V medical team.  This shift is new to me, but necessary.  I’ve worked with Hospice many times when they worked with church members, and they do not disappoint; it is a great organization.

The angio CT scan went well and revealed NO blood clots.  This is indeed good news.   We also learned today that my radiologist, Dr. Ken Neumann will do 5 radiation treatments on tumors in my lungs to ease the coughing issues I’m having.  He now practices over in Springhill.  Those appointments will be on Wednesdays and we are waiting on that phone call also.

All treatments are over.   I need to eat and rest.  Deb will (is) my primary caregiver and the best there is.   We’ve been talking about our future and we will thankful for each second of each minute that we have together.  

How much time do I have left?   You’ve heard the old phrase, “Only the Lord knows.”   That’s my answer.   Wise doctors will say the same.   For all practical purposes, the cancer will weaken me until I slip away into the arms of Jesus.  I am sad that I will not see my grandchildren grow up, I am sad that Deb and I will not be able to travel as we originally planned and I wanted to do lots of workshops and other things.  BUT THE LORD HAS GREATER PLANS!   To see the face of Jesus will be worth it all.

As much as would like to attend church, my body told me a couple of weeks ago that will not be possible.   I will worship with the saints via the internet from now on.

Thanks for all your prayers, love, cards and concern.   They have lightened my load and brought joy to my life.   I have the best friends and family.   May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you.    Trav