Wonderful Day at Waverly, TN

We hadn’t been to Waverly since the flood because of my health, but we remember the many pictures that most of us all saw afterwards.    We drove the full length of Highway 13 and the devastation was apparent downtown and out on the bypass.   There are still piles od debris and cement slabs where houses once stood.   The creek which attempted to channel the waters that fateful day is littered with trees, trash and other items.   The cars and trucks have been removed long ago.    BTW, all rental cars and trucks werer also washed away.

The Waverly church is still housing and feeding people five months later, and in some cases, they deliver items to Kentucky and many times over to Dickson and surrounding areas where flood victims had to move for jobs and housing.   When such deliveries are made, many recipients weep and are so thankful for the furnishings, food and supplies.  There have some been some very desperate situations.   They still need pick up trucks and drivers.   If you decide to help in this way, you should call first.    The church does NOT deliver every day, and some deliveries are cancelled at the last minute.  Becky Keele, the preacher’s wife is in charge of scheduling these deliveries so you need to call the church office and speak with her before heading to Waverly at 931-296-3213.

These wonderful folks are happy to be serving.   And, I believe the Lord has opened many more opportunities because of the flood tragedy.   They are ready to walk through those doors.

MORE THAN HALF THE CONGREGATION SHOWED UP FOR THE WORKSHOP this past Saturday.   We were expecting about 50 members.   We got over 70.  Wow!  And the comments were positive.    There were two concerns:   we had to be meet in the auditorium because the rest of their buildings are full of people or supplies.   We missed sitting at tables.   The other concern was that it was shorter than normal; this was due to my health.   Usually, a workshop last 6 to 9 hours but I wouldn’t have lasted that long.   But overall, everyone loved it and found it very helpful, practical and informative.   Just about everyone who attended was older but this also meant that they were serious and mature.

I preached via Facebook the next morning, Sunday the 13th and that was well received also.   I’m hoping to spend lots of time with the elders and also with the preachers and staff.   Eric Merideth (brother to the late J. Noel Merideth) is the involvement minister and I will continue to train him.   I also hope to coach members and assist them in getting their inventories filled out and getting them to fill out involvement forms.    My health will only allow this arrangement for all day on Saturdays for now.    BTW this is a congregation that has been on the declining side of the church history bell curve charts and is wanting to reverse that trend.

If you have any interest in such an arrangement please contact me.  I’d love to talk to you.   Trav