We’ve seen churches begin the process of returning to various types of normalcy.

Most returned first to a Sunday morning worship assembly with spaced seating followed by no spaced seating which was then followed by a Sunday morning assembly for the children for a study of a Bible story or Bible facts.   Others have gone back to Wednesday evening studies.   Many have totally given up returning to a Sunday evening assembly while others are still working on such an arrangement.   Some have returned to normal Sunday morning Bible study for all ages.  This is our new brave world or as many call it, our new normal.

Churches have pretty much returned or re-engaged worship and Bible study—and this is a very good thing.    Of recent date, one church announced re-engaging the local church in fellowship meals or events.   This is also commendable.

However, few have re-engaged its members in ministry.   Yes, several congregations never stopped ministry.    They changed whom they served and how they served: some congregations provided food for their neighbors.  

Many of us have simply allowed our ministries to lay dormant and we are having difficulty getting volunteers now to teach and carry on what we had going on sixteen months ago.  I am encouraging everyone to return or re-engage members to ministry.  It is time; it is beyond time.

This re-engagement can be activated by an involvement workshop or retreat.  Now is the perfect time to do one of these.

What is an involvement retreat?    A retreat is designed to help church staff, elders and deacons get revitalized and re-energized for ministry.   Members could also be encouraged to participate so they, too would be revitalized and re-energized.

How long does a retreat last?    Usually, a retreat is scheduled for a Saturday as follows:

Continental breakfast 8:00 am

Two lessons and break out groups 8:45 to Noon

Lunch at Noon

Two lessons and break out groups 12:45 to 3:00 pm.

Each participant is required to have our new workbook.

What is an involvement workshop?   A workshop is for more serious congregations and it goes deeper into involvement.   It is an excellent start for an involvement ministry in your church if you do not have one.   It can also be used to revitalize your present ministries.

How long does a workshop last?    Usually, a workshop starts on a Friday evening and continues on Saturday.    It’s for church leaders and staff.    Its schedule looks like the following:

Friday evening:  

Supper 6:00 to 6:45

Two classes with a break out:  6:45 to 8:45 pm.


Breakfast and devotional:  8:30

Two classes with break outs

Lunch at Noon

Two more classes with break outs

Closing 3 pm.

Note:  schedules are usually customized to individual congregational needs.

Residencies are available under certain circumstances and needs.

For more information, please contact me at:

Travis Irwin, involvement coach

423 920 3060 (text or call; leave a voice mail if I do not answer)

Email:    involvementcoach@att.net

See many articles on church involvement at www.churchinvolvement.com