I love these old attendance charts.   They are found in most churches of Christ all over the world.   They are usually put on the wall up front of the auditorium so the church can plainly see them.    They usually come in two forms:  one depicts the church attendance and contribution figures and the other lists the songs that the church will be singing in the next worship assembly.

Are these the only valid ways of determining the health of a church?

Church leaders usually reason this way:   if the attendance and giving are good, then everything is good.    And, I think the church attendance and giving are good indicators of church health.   However, I think there are others that are just as, if not more, important.

Bible class attendance.    Some attendance boards do include these figures also but many do not.    What I have learned is that only 30% to 50% of a church’s adults and children attend Bible classes on Sunday morning and it’s even less on Wednesday evening.   Why is this figure important?   It is important because it indicates whether or not a member or church family is really concerned about their spiritual growth.    If every member and family who did not attend Bible class were at home, sometime during the week, studying the Bible on their own I wouldn’t be so concerned.   But the fact of the matter is that non-Bible class attenders (in general) are not involved in personal Bible study and devotionals in their homes.   Low Bible class figures indicate low interest in spiritual things.

What is your congregation doing to produce good teachers?   What are you doing to promote personal Bible at home and in the church?

Ministry involvement.   We are fruit bearers (John 15:7; Colossians 1:9-11).  Are all the members bearing much good fruit?   This may be more difficult to measure but this is a far better way of knowing if everything is good in your congregation.

Is every member of your congregation involved in some sort of ministry wherein they use their God-given spiritual gifts, personalities and life skills and life experiences in serving others?    And, are the ministries in your congregation not only for the membership but also for those outside the church?   The old adage that 20% of the church does all the work is generally true, but I promise you it is not biblical.   God expects all His children to produce fruit as a result of ministry.

What is your congregation doing to prepare members to serve?   What ministries do you have that meet the needs of people in the community?

Friendliness.    Every congregation thinks they are the friendliness church in town.  However, the fact of the matter is that the members are friendly to each other.  Every congregation is full of wonderful people that are either related to each other or they have been friends all their lives.   Outsiders come to worship to visit and many are ignored.   Is your church friendly to everyone including the strangers that some through your doors?   What promotes this kind of friendliness in your congregation?   

Baptisms of non-churched people.   Few things are as joyful as baptizing our children into Jesus Christ.   When our children obey the gospel, this is a time for great thanksgiving and praise.   Many congregations have done exceptionally well in making sure their own young people are taught well and are encouraged to follow Jesus.   However, how many people are baptized a year in your congregation who were not raised in the church?   How many people from the community have been brought to Christ?   What is your congregation doing to reach the lost in the community?

I just gave 4 other valid means of measuring the health of your congregation other than church attendance and giving figures, and there are others.

I can assist with any or all of these by training leaders and members to serve.

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