Some congregations want a quick easy fix for something that requires great amounts of energy, time and devotion. When a congregation gets serious about involving all her members in serious intentional ministry, it will become a life-time goal. Following are a few of the things contribute to a life-changing and church-transforming involvement ministry:



6 Preparation Steps

Annual Congregational Focus

100% Participation

A Supportive Pulpit

Unity among the Leadership

Biblical Core Values

Biblical Mission & Vision Statements

Special Events


and several other things…

Does this sound like too much work?   Yes, if ministry isn’t one of your core values.   No, if you wish to disciple members.   No, if you want the church to grow numerically and spiritually.   Allow us to assist you in starting a vibrant involvement ministry.

Christian ministry is one of the many Christian spiritual disciplines that makes one a disciple of Christ.