Responses from Attenders of the first

SERVE Ministries Workshop

Our first workshop is history.   Originally, we had folks coming from four states and in that mix an elder, a deacon, a preacher/counselor and a family involvement minister.   Due to a death, the preacher and his wife were unable to attend.

The workshop was never designed for large groups.  I believe smaller groups allow more sharing and greater detail.   I think a limit of 20 max is good and smaller groups make more sense. When a congregation has a workshop for its leaders and/or their spouses, the max number could increase. I’ve had as many as 65. I will also continue to encourage church leaders to bring their wives; the wives (or ladies) contribute much to the overall event.

One attending sister stated (in her evaluation) that “I got more than I expected.” She also wrote, “The workshop was so insightful and provided good guidance in involvement ministry inventorying, coaching and implementation.   I strongly recommend new involvement ministers to take this workshop.”

Another sister wrote, “This was a great workshop.  Material was informative…Many ideas to take home and use….”

An elder wrote, “I clearly recommend this session if you are attempting to involve your members in vitalizing their God given gifts.”  His wife wrote, “Wonderful compilation of insightful material that, if applied as intended, should bear much fruit, i.e. set members on fire wanting to serve God!”

It’s important for you to know that I always ask attenders to share what they thought were the strengths and weaknesses of the workshop.   Every suggestion that has ever been made has been integrated in my future workshop or retreat.

Our next workshop is scheduled for November 1 & 2 here in Athens.  I am looking for a church in Nashville that will allow me to do a workshop on their campus that will be open to area churches.   Nashville is much more central than Athens.  I am still open to doing workshops for individual congregations of the Lord’s church in the United States.  Please contact me at or call me at 423 920 3060 if I can serve you.