I’m Sick of the Word “Involvement”

In one of my recent RtI retreats one of the men said, “Some of our members are getting tired of hearing about involvement.”

I can understand that.   I can also understand if it’s the only word that is used to describe ministry in the church, it could be annoying.

Please allow me to make some suggestions:

Use other words that mean the same thing.   There are many other words that can be used in place of the word ‘involvement’ to let members know of its importance.    What are some of those words?     Ministry is a good one.  Service is another.   Work is a good four-letter word that can be used.     “Doing good” is a good combination of words.    “Helping” is a good word, too.  “Blessing others” is helpful.  The Lord spoke of “bearing fruit” as did Paul and Peter. There are many ways of saying the same thing. If you need other suggestions,just use a good thesaurus.  And, ask others for suggestions.

Don’t preach on ‘service’all the time.   Preaching the whole counsel of God is good.   Expository preaching prevents an over-treatment of any topic.    However, another method of avoiding the obvious is to use many Bible stories wherein people help others.    Some other topics may include spiritual gifts,personalities, passions, life skills and life experiences in the contexts of blessing others.   Burn out and depression are needed topics.   Unity,fellowship, leadership, exhortation and a host of other subjects come to mind that are inter-related.  Being light and salt would help also.

Be consistent and  systematic but take your time in indoctrinating the brethren.

I think this is good advice for any church any time on any congregational focus, theme or topic.    We took two years before our first campaign and another four years to do our second and finally, it will be six years before my last here.   Educate the brethren slowly and methodically.   Don’t feel like you need to teach them everything about ministry in one month, one quarter or even one year.

I would think following some of these guidelines would be helpful.  I know we are not to be ‘men pleasers’ but I also know we don’t want to ‘make’ people hate something that God really loves.