I have found that 70 to 80% of my brethren want to know what their (dominate) spiritual gift is. However, some brethren seem to have no interest. Their reasoning appears to be: “Well, I know I have a gift and I’m probably using it, so I don’t really need to know what it is.” Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?  Not really.
Your heart is going to be where you treasure is. In spite of all the busyness in our lives, your core values and priorities are going to show in many ways including in this manner.  Christians that have a heart to serve will seek every advantage to serving well.   In a matter of 10 minutes or less you can know about our predominant spiritual gift(s). If you are a highly spiritual person, you will also want to develop and fully use that gift.
Here are 4 Solid Reasons You Need to (take the time and make the effort) Discover Your Spiritual Gift. These are also good reasons for you to do a Spiritual Gifts Inventory every 5 years because things may change.
Reason #1 – You should want to know how God has created you for His purpose. You are His workmanship created in Christ for good works. Knowing your spiritual gift is part of that design. You will know why God put you on this earth: you will discover your real purpose for living.
Reason #2 – You will begin to serve out of gratitude instead of duty. You will actually look for opportunities to serve and enjoy them. Your service will become “want to” versus “have to.”
Reason #3 – Oddly enough, knowing what God wants you to do will help you in knowing what He has not called you to do. Many Christians are doing ministry in the wrong areas and they are miserable or doing a less than ideal job. When you know what God has designed you for, you will do it well and do it with joy and passion.  I am not advocating that you can never do anything else (e.g. like giving, being merciful, telling others about Jesus, etc.). However, you will definitely feel most comfortable and be most effective in using your God-given gift.
Reason #4 – Knowing what your spiritual gift is and using that gift will contribute heavily to the unity of the local church. When every member of your congregation is busy using his/her gifts, the church hums with excitement and disharmony just isn’t allowed.    This is the “body principle” that Paul addresses in 1 Corinthians 12.
Do you need to discover if your gift has changed? Do you know what your gift is?
If you answer “Yes” to the first question or “No” to the second question, it’s time to do a spiritual gifts inventory.
Spiritual Gift Inventories are all over the internet and your church leadership or office may have one that is used often in your church. One free inventory is found at www.churchgrowth.org   It is a good one and you get the results immediately.  My inventory is I Serve U Inventories.
Travis Irwin, IM
Athens, TN