MS5Why Do I Need a Personal Mission Statement?

Over the past fifty years we have learned the importance of mission and vision statements for businesses, factories, schools and other organizations.   ebay, Coke, Disney, Starback, Apple and other big name companies all have mission statements.  It’s not unusual to see an organization’s mission statement on its produce or an ad.   Such folks want the public to know just how serious they are about their product or service.  Hospitals and doctors proudly display their mission statements.

The Lord’s church is about 50 years behind in doing this even though I am seeing more and more churches have mission statements.  Individual Christians rarely if ever consider such a thing.   To most of us it sounds unscriptural or too corporate or totally useless.   However, I want to challenge such thinking.

There is an old adage that still applies to the church and individual Christians:

Aim at nothing and you will hit it with amazing accuracy.   If we don’t have any life goals or goals as a congregation, we will probably accomplish something by sheer accident.   If we have goals, we will accomplish much more of what the Lord wants us to accomplish for His glory.

If not, we may fail in accomplishing God’s will for our individual lives.

Why Do I Need to Do This?

Because Jesus had personal mission statements such as Luke 19:10; John 10:10 and Matthew 20:28.   Jesus lived a hectic life but He never forgot why He was here.   By the way, He accomplished every goal He came to fulfill.

Apostles had mission statements. Paul knew that he was sent to the Gentiles and Peter knew he was sent to the Jews to preach the gospel.   Paul also said, “for me to live is Christ” and Peter said, “we ought to obey God rather than men.”

The Church has been given a mission statement – We have been told to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19).   The church is the means by which the world will come to know of God’s redeeming grace and wisdom (Ephesians 3:9-11). By the way, most of the time it appears that the church has forgotten these mission statements.   Why is that, I wonder.

A personal mission statement will keep you focused.   We are pulled into dozens of different directions every day.   Our lives are full of distractions.   A personal mission statement, when written and heeded will keep us focused on God’s purpose for our lives.

A personal mission statement will give you a strong personal purpose for living. Most Christians have no clue about God’s specific purpose for their lives. They don’t know anything about their spiritual gifts, passions and other blessings with which God has endowed them.   Most people, including most Christians, just go through life with no particular goals in mind.   We are all here for His purpose.

A personal mission statement will help you re-evaluate from time to time.   A mission statement is like a North Star for serious life travelers.   For us unorganized folks it helps us get back to where we need to be in life.

You are more likely to accomplish what the Lord wants you to accomplish. I am one of the few naïve people that believes that every Christian has a general purpose for living (to glorify the Lord) and to serve Him (and mankind) in some specific way (based upon how God has designed him/her specifically).   Life is fuller and richer when it is lived in this manner.

How Do I Go About Coming Up with a Personal Mission Statement?

You will need to discover your spiritual gifts, your passions, your personality trait, your life skills, education and life experiences and possibly some other helpful things about yourself.   This priceless information will help you form your personal mission statement.   Below is an example of how this is done:

I, John Doe, wish to honor and glorify my Creator (the general reason I am alive) by feeding (an example of a thing passion: cooking) the homeless (an example of a people passion) in my spare time using my gift of compassion (an example of a spiritual gift). I will befriend them and tell them of the saving grace of Jesus (my specific goals or purpose). My greatest hope is that they will obey the gospel and live a fuller life and have eternal life (my vision).

Travis Irwin