Getrinvolved3About this Website

Thank you for taking the time to look at this website. I hope you find something helpful here. This website exists…

  1.  To encourage church involvement.   We are told that 4000 churches in the USA close their doors every year.   There are many reasons why this occurs. I believe one of them is the lack of (membership) involvement in most churches.   In many churches, membership is little more than showing up for a religious service a few times a year and possibly contributing money.   However, if every member of the church was involved in intentional ministry, the church would be strong and would always be attracting new members and churches would not close their doors.   Being involved in ministry is a mark of discipleship and every member is to be a disciple of Christ first.
  2.  To assist congregations of the church of Christ.   I am a member of the church of Christ.   My dad was in ministry in the church of Christ and I have been a minister in the church of Christ for over 45 years. I am very familiar with how leaders and members of the church of Christ think, worship and work.   I can be helpful to them if they wish to get all their members involved in Christian ministry.   However, there is material found on this website that can be helpful to any group of believers.
  3.  To create discussion.     Most churches have a pulpit minister and some have a youth minister.   Very few have involvement ministers.  I’m hoping to help churches without involvement ministers while I am also hoping to connect to involvement ministers and create some discussion about what they are doing where they are.   I would like to share some ideas and I would very much like to hear from other involvement ministers to hear of their successes and, yes, their failures.

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You can also call or text 423 920 3060.   Travis Irwin of Athens, TN