InvolvementThe Work of an Involvement Minister

Several years ago I become an involvement minister and shared the news with many of my preacher friends.   One wrote back asking, “what does an involvement minister do?”   In a few words, I want to share what I do as an involvement minister.

Each Church Would be Different

Any congregation that hires someone to do involvement ministry would have their own expectations as per their specific needs as a church.   I have a job description that includes teaching, visiting, speaking and all the things involved (no pun intended) to get members involved in ministry.   I also attend elders’ meetings, write, counsel, consult, and make lots of phone calls to members.   No two days are alike and I like it that way.   I write job descriptions, mission statements, do evaluations and send tons of emails.   These are the main things I do as the involvement minister at Athens church of Christ in Athens, Tennessee.

The Main Purpose

My main ‘job’ is to get members involved.   I told one of my friends that my task was to get members doing what they should already be doing.   I have been in church ministry for over 45 years; 39 of that in located pulpit work.   What I’ve experienced is that many members of the church do little more than attend church.   I know that is an over-generalization and I apologize to any congregation where that is not true (in fact, I congratulate you if all your members do more than attend services).   My job is to assist members in coming to know how the Lord has gifted them for ministry.   I do this in four steps: (1) help them discover their non-miraculous spiritual gifts (along with their passions, personalities, learning styles, etc.), (2) I define these gifts and passions and coach them in how they relate to each other and how they can be used in specific church ministries, (3) I assist them in developing their spiritual gifts and (4) I help members deploy what they have discovered (and developed) about themselves by contacting the appropriate deacons and ministry leaders who will put the folks to work in their respective ministries.   There are literally thousands of details and lots of preparation and planning.   But the results are astounding and a great blessing to individual Christians and to the entire church, and yes, to the community in which the church resides.

An Offer

If I can be of assistance in helping a church write a job description for a prospective involvement minister or help a church in investigating the possibility of hiring a part-time or full-time involvement minister, I’d be pleased to guide you through the process.

Christ calls us to discipleship.   There are 3 ways to know if someone is a disciple of Christ (that Scriptures explicitly point out):

  1.  By abiding in the Word (John 8:31)
  2.  By loving other Christians the way Christ loves us (John 13:34-35)
  3.  By bearing much fruit (John 15:8)

In the Lord’s church we’ve done a pretty good job with #1 and we’ve done fairly well with #2.   However, I think we can greatly improve on #3, and it begins with equipping every member of the church for service.   Trav