6 Areas of Assistance

(1)  Preparing for Future Leaders

What men among you have the gifts of pastoring, leadership and exhortation?   Those with these gifts have the capacity of becoming great elders in the Lord’s church simply because of their giftedness.  If their gifts are developed and they are trained in the Biblical roles of leaders, they can become great leaders one day.   Every church should be developing future leaders today.    When future leaders discover their gifts and are coached, they are better prepared to lead.   The greatest benefactor is the local church wherein these men will be leading.

(2)  Improving the Present Leadership

Do any of your present leaders have the gift of pastoring?   Administration?   Teaching?   Evangelism?  Service? Are these gifts being used intentionally?   What are the pre-dominate personality traits of the leadership members?   Do the different personality traits complement or conflict with each other? What are the present passions of the leadership?   How are these affecting the mission of the local church?   The ultimate goal of discovering each of these is to improve communication and unity among the present leadership.

(3)  Growing the Church Numerically

How are your present ministries contributing to the numerical growth of your church?   When church members discover, develop and deploy their gifts, passions, and life skills, the church becomes more attractive to the lost and the church grows numerically.  When local needs are served, the community takes notice and becomes more receptive to your message.   When members use their gifts and energize their passions, they begin to reach out to the lost—and the church grows as a result.

(4)  Growing the Church Spiritually

Most Christians do not know what their spiritual gifts are.   When they discover their gifts and passions and put them to work, they grow spiritually.   When they are filled with the Spirit, they produce the fruit of the Spirit and they grow spiritually.   They become mature servants.    This, in my estimation, is helping Christians become complete in Christ.

(5)  Promotion of Unity

While some churches have doctrinal unity, few ever attain mission unity.  When members and leadership are shown how their gifts work in unison for common goals, there is unity.   Other benefits are an air of expectation and excitement in the church.

(6)  Other Applications

The information that assessments and inventories gain can help with pre-marital and marital counseling.     It can also help leadership when seeking new staff and it can be make the interview process more profitable.   We can also assist a church in discovering helpful information when new leaders are being considered or being installed.    With good information, church leaders are put into leadership assignments that ‘best fit’ them.

Equipping Members for Service

There is much being said and written about dying churches today.   I would suggest one reason may be a lack of involvement.   In most churches, the majority of members are not involved in the work of the church: they have no real investment or ownership in the local church. When every member is encouraged to serve, equipped to serve and empowered to serve, the retention rate will increase and members will become more like the disciples God designed them to be.


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