Services We Render to Churches & Individuals:

RtI is designed for churches and church leaders who are resolved to get every member of their congregations involved in intentional ministry. RtL can be done in a retreat form or a more traditional form. It includes lessons on the uniqueness of each member, how to organize for total involvement, the Biblical basis for total involvement and other related lessons.
The leader for RtL is Travis Irwin Contact him at or 423 920 3060.
TIM – Training Involvement Ministers
It is becoming more apparent that congregations are wanting to get their members involved in intentional ministry. In many cases, a part time person or possibly a deacon may assist in this regard. In other cases, a full time staffer is required. TIM is designed to train men and women in involvement ministry—whether part or full time. This could be deacons, volunteer part timers, Bible majors in our Christian schools and preaching schools, and those transitioning out of preaching, missions, youth or some other full time ministry into involvement. These classes are only offered twice a year, and are taught by Travis Irwin who is the IM at Athens church of Christ.  Contact him at or 423 920 3060.

(see a recommendation under “I Serve U” retreats)

S0me of the topics covered in these seminars:

Your Church is Unique & It’s No Accident

Maxing Out the Gifts in Your Church

Coaching Members to Full Throttle Ministry

Mission & Vision: Get Going in the Right Direction

“I Serve U” Ministry

Getting 100% of Your Membership Involved in Ministry9

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