What is YourLeader Purpose as a Leader?

Paul told the Hebrew and Thessalonian Christians to submit to their leaders.  The question for you (as a leader) is this, “Are you as a leader worthy of such submission?”

Tons of books have been written about leadership with definitions, leadership styles and suggestions on how to be an effective leader.   Leadership is found in families, churches, businesses, communities and a hundred other places.

But what about your leadership in the church?   I think you have two main responsibilities as a leader:   (1)   to provide vision [direction] and (2) development.

Whether you are an elder, deacon, pulpit minister, ministry leader, Bible class teacher or some other type of leader in the church, you are to cast some sort of vision.   The vision may be specifically about your ministry, your preaching, your nurturing of the church, your plans for numerical church growth or something relevant with what you do as a leader.   Most leaders in the church have no goals for themselves much less the membership with which they work.   People thus do not know where they are going and what to expect.    What you have, without vision, is a totally ‘maintenance’ church and folks don’t get excited about maintenance and the church does not grow no matter how good you maintain things.

The second thing you should be doing is developing the people around you.  You should be developing future leaders, you should be developing the gifts of your members, you should be developing your ministry, you should be developing yourself, etc.  Such development assists in fulfilling the vision you have cast. Once again, we are not known for developing anything.   We wonder why we don’t have any folks to replace us (and others) when we resign or die.  We haven’t developed any one.   We wonder why we don’t move to higher levels of service in the church; we have not developed ourselves or others to have a higher more effective level of living and serving.

Many church leaders view their main purpose as maintaining what has been entrusted to them.  There are two problems with such reasoning:  (1)   it is NOT biblical and (2) the church does not grow spiritually or numerically with such thinking.

May I assist you learning how to create vision for your church and how to develop the folks around you?   Travis Irwin, Athens, TN