LaVergneChurchofChristleadershipretreatRecently, I had the privilege of meeting with the elders, deacons and pulpit minister of LaVergne Church of Christ.   Every year these leaders plan a year in advance and review the previous year.   This year they looked at the “I Serve U” inventories.  They were attentive, enthused, involved and very positive.  Our “Break Out” sessions were energetic and there were lots of serious thoughts and some laughter.  There was never a dull moment.   They discovered how God designed them as individuals and as the church’s leadership.    They are very excited about sharing what they have learned with the rest of the church in LaVergne to see how God has designed the church for service.   Following is a note from their pulpit minister:

“First, thanks so much for your excellent contribution to our retreat. It went even better than I expected it would…I’ll be very glad to endorse and promote your workshop in every way I can. May God continue to bless all aspects of your ministry to him! Thanks, again, and God bless!”

Joshua Pappas, Pulpit minister, LaVergne (TN) Church of Christ

If your church leadership is interested in having one of these retreats, please contact me at or 423 920 3060.   You will be enlightened, you will get excited and you will, most importantly, praise the Lord for the marvelous way He has designed His church.