Broken_egg_orangeYour Congregation is NOT an Accident

The congregation with which you worship and lead is not an accident. Of course, not! God had His Son’s church in mind before the foundations of the earth. However, I am also convinced that the Lord’s church (her organization, her worship, her mission, her membership, her ministries, etc.) are also by Divine design. I also believe that your congregation does not exist (in its locale) by accident. God designed your church membership for ministry; ministry that strengthens the local church and ministers to the needs of the community in which she assembles, lives and worships. I believe your congregation has a general mission and a specific mission. I also believe all your members have general and specific missions.

Below are the contents of a free book that outlines the reasons I believe that your local congregation exists by God’s design.  You can receive a free copy of this book by contacting me at


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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Developing your gifts

Your Congregational & Personal Mission Statements