The Smallest Yet Most Relevant CIC?

Last weekend we had 32 guests from Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Alabama and Kentucky.    It was the smallest group we’ve had so far and yet the content was exceptional.

Congregations of 60 to 600 members were represented.   I heard the 20% figure a lot and we had many seeking how to get their 60 to 600 members involved in ministry.   Each speaker came with highly relevant messages.   Some who attended were not expecting what they heard but they were very pleased to hear it.   

Joe Essner shared his mistakes and his successes in a very unique way, Bert Paddock handled the generation issue by pointing us all to higher levels of growth and commitment (discipleship; he did an excellent job), Matt Thomas did an exhaustive study of ‘grace’ gifts and Tracy Moore kept us laughing about and seriously considering our different personality types.   Tracy stayed over to preach Sunday morning and everyone enjoyed him.  We sold every single copy of his book.

Several congregations represented have deacons in charge of involvement.  One is going to hire a school of preaching man to do IM with them.   Two Christian sisters were returning home in hopes of their leadership allowing an involvement ministry there.   One congregation is a small church plant in a large TN city and they are looking to getting their members involved in ministry.   We are helping churches and that is what we are all about.

Mark Littleton and Travis Irwin of Athens church of Christ spoke of their personal experience with burn out.   Both Mark and former Athens preacher, Tim Gunnells presented lessons that approached the topics of success and restoring enthusiasm in ministry.    Their presentations are highly enlightening and encouraging.

CIC started with technical difficulties that were soon fixed and the event continued.   The meals were excellent, the spirit was congenial and joyful.  The small size of CIC lent itself to giving special attention to attenders, and an informal atmosphere.  It may have been the best CIC we’ve had.   Several folks that would have come otherwise, had youth conferences to attend (several IMs are both youth ministers and IMs), one was expecting a grandson to be born, one had jury duty, and one’s wife got sick at the last minute.

In 2020 the Athens church will have its third campaign.   Our first two were “Getting Connected” and “Down on the Farm.”     We have a half dozen ideas for the focus and campaign of 2020.    ‘Lord willing, 2020 will present the 4th annual Church Involvement Conference.  

CDs of all 3 CICs are available.     If you want any set, they are $10 including postage.    There are 11 recorded lectures for this years’s CIC, and they are excellent.   Contact us if you want you own personal copies.   Call us at 423 745 0554 or contact Becca at     If you attended the 3rd CIC, your CDs will be mailed to you soon.