We have 100% of our membership involved in some sort of ministry.   Following are the six steps that we took to reach this goal:

6 Steps towards Having 100% Involvement

Step 1:

Education – you must educate your church about ministry and how each member can serve.   Ignorance is not bliss.

Step 2:

Determination – you must determine who are and who aren’t active members of your church.   Generally speaking, active members will say “Yes” when they are asked to serve.

Step 3:

Supply – you must make sure you have enough ways of serving in your church.   If you have 200 members, you need to have at least 200 opportunities to serve.

Step 4:

Assess –  this is the most exciting and rewarding step.   In this step you discover your members’ spiritual gifts, passions, life experiences, personalities, etc. and how they can contribute to the spiritual and numerical growth of your church.  This is done with inventories.

Step 5:

Contact –  every member must be encouraged to do inventories.  However, some members will need to be contacted personally and some of these will not do the inventories.   Every member, even shut-ins, need to given an opportunity to serve in your church.

Step 6:

Record & Distribute – record in a database your findings and make this information available to your ministry leaders so they can incorporate these folks into their ministries.

If you would like a copy of the manuscript describing each of these steps, please email me and I’ll copy and paste it to you right away.